Kenya Government Press Obsolete Equipment Auctions

Kenya Government Press Obsolete Equipment Auctions

Government press in conjunction with m/s Whitestone & Company Auctioneers will sell by public auction the under mentioned obsolete equipments

  1. 1pc Padmaster 2000
  2. 2pcs Ryobi 500NP
  3. 2pcs UPS Battery chargers
  4. 5pcs Motors
  5. 1pc Heidelberg SBB Letterpress M
  6. 1pc Heidelberg platen
  7. 1pc Littlejohn Horizontal camera
  8. 1pc IBM Printer
  9. 1PC Canon impact Matrix printer
  10. 1pc LaserJet 2100 printer
  11. 2pcs OCE 800 digital printer
  12. 20pcs 0ld batteries
  13. 2pcs old air conditioners
  14. 2pcs old shredders
  15. 22 old iron sheets 6M
  16. 8pcs old transparent sheets 6m
  17. Used old plates
  18. Old head tank side plates
  19. Assorted damaged paper reels 10 ton
  20. Assorted printed bills
  21. Assorted chip boards
  22. Old assorted gutters
  23. 5 pair metallic gate
  24. Flash doors 10 pcs
  25. Assorted tables
  26. off cat/center core (paper) 200kgs


  • Viewing of the items may be done at Government Press premises between 23rd to 26th of May, 2016 during working hours, to verify the details as they are not warranted by Government Press-Principals or the Auctioneer. 2) Public Auction will be conducted at the Government Press on 27th May, 2016 Starting 10.00 am 3) Interested bidders are required to pay a refundable deposit of Ksh5,000 per item to obtain a bidding number. The deposit shall be paid in form of cash at Government Press Cash Office 4) All items bided and fully paid for MUST be collected within seven (7) days failure to which the purchaser shall be liable to pay a storage charge of Kshs. 500/= per Day. 5) The declared purchaser (highest bidder) must pay 25% of the purchase price in CASH for the items bided for and the balance must be paid in CASH within seven (7) days from the auction date, failure to which the initial deposit will be forfeited and items offered to the second highest bidders.

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